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The Muskoka Learning House has been in business for over 18 years and established a proven record of being dedicated to addressing each individual student’s learning needs.


With a small team of qualified elementary and secondary teachers, the K-12 Ontario Curriculum is supported in Math, Science, English, French and more!

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The Muskoka Learning House primarily provides after-school tutoring support to students on a 1-1 basis.

However, wowHith principal/teacher agreement, an elementary student is able to receive special program instruction and/or review at The Muskoka Learning House during the school day hours.  Secondary students are able to also arrange some of their tutoring support during school spares or on weekends.

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       “I could not graduate into Highschool without completing my math program.  I did not understand the concepts and class seemed to keep moving on at record speed.  At the end of the school year I was told I could get a pass in math if I completed 6 detailed math competencies for the most critical areas. My tutor and I worked throughout the summer months to cover these studies.  I found I could ask lots of questions, vent my frustration, review concepts again and again……and I did it!! The Muskoka Learning House was great.” 

Julia, Grade 10 High school Student         

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1. “4 in 10 Canadian students can’t read at the required level”
                                                        - Statistics Canada


2.  “Over 30% of students in Canada need extra educational support just to reach basic competency levels.”
                                                   - Canadian Council on Learning                                   

 3. “In fact, 1 out of 3 leave High School with a Grade 9 education or less”
                                                                             -Charity Intelligence
                                              THE MUSKOKA LEARNING HOUSE CAN HELP!

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